Impact 22 Rebrand and Microsite
Welcome to Impact22, where cutting-edge strategy meets global insight. We are a powerhouse of innovation, a collective of 65 exceptional minds hailing from the Said Business School's EMBA program at Oxford University. Impact22 spans 50 countries and thrives across 32 dynamic industries. We've transcended borders, boundaries, and business norms, fueled by an astounding 1000 years of combined experience.
What we did
Brand Identity
Art Direction, Illustration System, Visual Identity, Strategy, Logo Design
Website Design, Webflow Deevelopment
Brand Identity
All Deliverables
  1. Website
  2. Visual Identity
  3. Illustration System
  1. Ayush Soni
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Where can I see more work?
We're working on case studies for more past work currently. It takes time and energy to collect all of your work, and write up case studies. Especially when you're working on new projects at the same time. For now, the best bet is to follow me (Ayush) on Twitter or have a look at our work gallery.
I'm interesting in working with you.
Great! Feel free to fill out our project inquiry form or send over an email at hey @ We'll share some more BTS stuff that we couldn't get through on this case study too.
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Brand & Web

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