Creative studio practise crafting high-quality marketing websites and brands for game changers and big thinkers

Welcome to the studio design practise of Ayush Soni and his curated network of creative collaborators

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select case studies:

Partnering with the leaders of the next decade in finance, technology, and infrastructure.

Brand & Web

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We partnered with Fabric Token to rethink their digital identity from the ground up ahead of their $2.5M Seed

Brand & Web

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A full-cycle revamp for India's leading compliance solution

Brand, Web, Product

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A major revamp for the folks accelerating the high-school curriculum with incredible courses and paid internship.

Brand & Web

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$1.2B ($152M)

total valuation of our clientele (money raised by clients post-branding)


client projects launched into the real world by our small but mighty HEX team


figma layers, button hovers, webflow div blocks, and moodboards created


combined visitors for marketing websites designed and developed at HEX


long-term studio partners, relying on us to lead all things creative + marketing design

The micro-squad to partner with when leading massive revamps requiring exemplary creative direction and decisiveness.

Keeping collaboration, transparency and velocity at the centre of our practise, we partner with ambitious leaders to rethink creative direction, digital identity (web) and brand strategy for their big thing.

Our lean studio approach allows us to work with a cohort of specialist animators, illustrators, copywriters and developers to bring that special layer of detail into every project. We’re the squad to call when you’re ready to take the creative to the next level, while crushing all your performance goals.

We’ve collaborated with Archive to rethink the future of influencer marketing campaigns with a fresh identity and a powerful design system.

We had a creative sprint with Buildspace to help build the future of work in Web 3 with a new web app, landing page and brand identity.

A partnership with VaynerMedia to bring in new visual ideas with fluid marketing websites and brands for their clients.

We’ve been working closely with Fabric Token’s core team to shape the future of employee rewards with a colourful brand identity and robust product system.

We helped bring ShareClub’s vision for class-less ownership to life with a stellar marketing website.

Helping Square design landing pages, presentation outlines and other marketing materials across platforms.

A project is a mission with goals; achieve them

LAW #1

Unlimited revisions

LAW #2

If it doesn’t serve a purpose, it doesn’t exist

LAW #3

No more than 2 PMs on a project; ideally only 1 or 0.

LAW #4

Keep the team small but powerful

LAW #5

Moving fast doesn’t mean moving with haste.

LAW #6

Art is good; effective design is better.

LAW #7

Feedback and communication are everything

LAW #8

Bloated is bad; focused is good

LAW #9

Stay outside the box; bad ideas are not real

LAW #10

Don’t be an asshole. Or work with one

LAW #11

Sweat the details

LAW #12

A’s To Your Q’s

Who are you?

I’m Ayush Soni, and HEX INC is my studio design practice. I lead art direction, strategy and digital for all of my projects, and work with a selective group of collaborators who help me execute my visions with precision, detail and eloquence.

What kind of projects does the studio work on?

We often find the most value working on large scale branding revamps that translate into marketing website projects. Ideally, we like to take the brand vision from 0 to 1 by collaborating closely with founders or marketing/product leads (for enterprises). Most of our clients hire us for:

1. Brand / Visual Identity
2. Marketing Website Design (and development in Webflow or Framer)
3. Product Design
4. Creative Direction
5. On-retainer design (long-term projects where we lead everything design + marketing)

What does it cost to work with the studio?

We like to work on a fixed-bid basis for a majority of our projects, and work with one client at a time. To give an accurate figure, we need to understand your requirements, scope, deliverables and timelines. With that being said, most projects range from $20-60k USD and take around 4-12 weeks to deliver. The minimum level of engagement for any studio project is currently set at $8K USD.

How can we see more of your work?

We only show select case studies on the portfolio, so contact us to see all of our work. We have a few projects under NDAs so we’re only able to share them with potential clients.

Will you work with my early-stage startup?

Yes. We’ll work with anyone. Unless you’re an asshole. In which case, no.