Experimental creative studio working on visually interesting identities, websites, and products.

We're not the traditional agency. When we work with a client, we imagine a new way of doing what they do. Every brand we build is out of the norm, discarding the trends, and a genuine attempt to bring a breath of fresh air.

We prioritize projects and people that invite us to really break the rules and make something visually interesting. If that's you, we'd be a great fit. Below are some examples of our work.  

Our Work.

Brand Concept

MNH / 2024

Web Page

2023 / Gigachat


2023 / Candids

Brand Round

2024 / MNH Fund


2024 / MNH Fund


2023 / Creamier

Hero Concept

2024 / MNH

Mobile UI

2023 / Candids

Mobile Store



2024 / MNH Fund

Brand Work

2023 / Hivemind


2023 / Impact


2024 / Personal


2024 / Congress

Design Work

2023 / Candids

Brand Work

2023 / Black Jays

Visual Idea

2024 / Congress


2023 / Black Jays


2023 / Candids

Ecom Store



2024 / Duffler


2023 / Black Jays

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What we work on

Brand Strategy


Visual Identity


Web Design


Creative Development & Microsites


Web Development & Webflow


No-code Development


Product Design


Mobile App Design




Motion and Animation






Collateral and Brand Implementation


We’ve collaborated with Archive to rethink the future of influencer marketing campaigns with a fresh identity and a powerful design system.

We had a creative sprint with Buildspace to help build the future of work in Web 3 with a new web app, landing page and brand identity.

A partnership with VaynerMedia to bring in new visual ideas with fluid marketing websites and brands for their clients.

We’ve been working closely with Fabric Token’s core team to shape the future of employee rewards with a colourful brand identity and robust product system.

We helped bring ShareClub’s vision for class-less ownership to life with a stellar marketing website.

Helping Square design landing pages, presentation outlines and other marketing materials across platforms.

What they think about us

We're super happy with the site, thank you so much! It really represents our brand and explains what we do in a very simple & clear-cut way.

Sam Hollander, ShareCLub

So excited to see how you took the project from 0 to 1 with so much ease

Justin Potts, Stealth Co

I think there is something in this. This direction is a better one, not just in terms of aesthetics but also brand ideas from what we had before.

Leanord Austin, Clusterfudge

"We had the pleasure of working with HEX on a rebranding project and they exceeded all of our expectations. Their ability to understand our brand and translate it into a visually stunning design is unparalleled. We are incredibly happy with the outcome and highly recommend them to anyone looking for exceptional design and branding services."

Cameron Dennis - CEO & Founder, Blockchain Acceleration Foundation

I am very happy with what you've done. You guys were more expensive than the other people we reviewed but the quality makes it worth the investment.

David Dygowski, GrowthReferrals

How does the full-cycle subscription work?
Exactly like a regular fixed-bid project, but with an open-ended scope. We get on a call to make sure the subscription is a good fit, learn about some of your goals and set some general expectations in feedback and delivery time.
What's your best offer?
Our full-cycle brand projects include a new brand identity, webflow website, illustration set, and marketing material. It ranges from 6-12 weeks and costs 20-35k USD
What do you work on?
We do visual identities, brands and websites. That's our core offer.
Do you work on a monthly basis?
Sometimes. It depends on the structure of the work. We offer maintenance services at a discount to our clients where we manage their brands, product design, website, etc. This rate is often custom and under 5k/m.

We also offer our full suite of services at a monthly cost when deliverables aren't set and clients are looking to collaborate based on a timeline. This price is set at $8k/month. You get our entire squad, and we agree upon timelines together. This "subscription" offer is best for founders working on a cohort of ideas, or businesses looking for a range of creative output without a defined scope.
We want a defined quote for our project.
That's fine. Send us over an email at hey@hex.inc. We'll discuss your project, what you're looking for, and when you need it.

Then we'll prepare a custom proposal with a set cost, number of deliverables and timelines. Most of our fixed-bid projects will start at $15K USD.
Can I pause / cancel?
Yeah. If you don't have work for us to do but still have days left in your monthly sub, pause your subscription and pick up where you left off. We have a Notion that keeps track of how many days you have left.
Can I pay on a quarterly basis at discount?
Not right now, but you can reach out and we can work something out. Fill out this form.
Where would we communicate?
We're async via Slack for the most part, but we do calls for design reviews, walkthroughs, check-ins, etc. We are positioned as a vendor and not a product, so you will get the experience of a team.