We design and develop websites.

We design and develop websites. We love it. Layouts, typography, colours, illustration, animation, performance, development, SEO, hierarchy, deployment. The full process. The ability to have an idea and bring it to life in this fun, interactive, digital platform. So we put together a list of some of the websites we've designed and built over the years.

Our Work.

Website Services / Process. Trademark.

Platform Migration

We move you out from WordPress, Drupal, Hubspot CMS, more.

Web Strategy and Sitemap

Developing a custom content structure and site strategy to help you succeed.

Website Design

A full redesign of the website. Component library and easter eggs included.

Product Visualizations, Illustrations, and Animations

The fun part. Illustration systems, product animations, iconography, and more

Webflow Development

We only ship in Webflow. We're Experts.

No-code integrations

Zapier, Maps, Calendly, Intercom. We'll hook anything up with anything.

On-going support

We'll maintain the site and help you grow.

How does the full-cycle subscription work?
Exactly like a regular fixed-bid project, but with an open-ended scope. We get on a call to make sure the subscription is a good fit, learn about some of your goals and set some general expectations in feedback and delivery time.
What do you get out of this project?
Other than a beautifully designed website, clients have gotten:

Boosted Sign Up Conversions
Upgraded Consistent (Web) Design Language
Easy-to-maintain and Add Content
Improved Product Imagery and Messaging
Sizeable Improvements in Site Speed, Performance and SEO
Updated Content Structure and Sitemap
How long does it take?
It depends. We do small landing pages that take around 2 weeks as a part of our creative subscription. We have websites that are bundled with larger branding projects. And then we have large migration projects that can take 2-3 months.
We want a defined quote for our project.
That's fine. Send us over an email at hey@hex.inc. We'll discuss your project, what you're looking for, and when you need it.

Then we'll prepare a custom proposal with a set cost, number of deliverables and timelines. Most of our fixed-bid projects will start at $15K USD.
Can I pause / cancel?
Yeah. If you don't have work for us to do but still have days left in your monthly sub, pause your subscription and pick up where you left off. We have a Notion that keeps track of how many days you have left.
Can I pay on a quarterly basis at discount?
Not right now, but you can reach out and we can work something out. Fill out this form.
Where would we communicate?
We're async via Slack for the most part, but we do calls for design reviews, walkthroughs, check-ins, etc. We are positioned as a vendor and not a product, so you will get the experience of a team.