A playful identity for the anonymous polling app that stole the App Store.
We were challenged with the task to bring life and energy to a simple, but flawless consumer social app concept: anonymous polls. We've all seen them. You create a poll, share the link with your friends, and learn more about yourself. How do we stand out?

Candids gave us the opportunity to lead their brand from the ground up, starting with nothing but an idea. We helped develop a full-scale brand identity and design system, produced a custom emoji and sticker illustration kit, and went on to design / animate the entire mobile and web app experience. A true full-cycle project.
What we did
Brand Identity
Art Direction, Illustration System, Visual Identity, Strategy, Logo Design
Landing Page, Social Kit, Animations
Mobile App, Web App, Developer Handoff, Design System
Brand Identity
We wanted to bring true playfulness to the Candids brand. Bright colours, geometric patterns, loud typography, bevelled stickers, cartoony illustrations. This brand had it all. We developed a cohesive illustration kit with a custom emoji gallery to use across app and marketing media.
Mobile / Web App
We designed and AB tested the end-to-end mobile and web user experience. We wanted to bring the brand to life to its fullest extent, while ensuring layouts and user flows were visually cohesive. You can really see the brand system implemented across buttons, headings, progress bars, and callouts!
Final Thoughts
This project was genuinely challenging in the most fun way possible. We got to work with incredibly talented designers and illustrations, and got to truly lead a project from ideation to execution. We made hundreds of tweaks and design changes to make sure our screens were high-converting, developed multiple brand systems for other designers to follow, and took control of the brand experience. The most fun part was animating the emojis with the talented Ethan Demarest!
All Deliverables
  1. Visual Identity
  2. Framer Landing Page
  3. App Component Library
  4. App Wireframes
  5. Illustration Kit
  6. Press / Social Media Kit
  7. Brand Guidelines
  8. Logo
  9. Custom Sticker Pack
  10. Custom Emojis Kit
  11. Mobile App Design
  12. Web Interactions (Rive)
  13. Custom App Media
  14. Animation (After Effects)
  15. Development Handoff
  16. Development Training
  17. Marketing Materials
  18. Design Retainer
  19. Consulting
  1. Ayush Soni
  2. Chase Koch
  3. Anton
  4. Muhammad Sarwar
  5. Ethan Demarest
  6. Ibiyemi Abiodun
  7. Mariana Castilho

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Have you done other mobile app work?
We're working on 2 mobile projects currently. None of them are in the consumer space. Candids was our first opportunity to explore a consumer facing mobile app. It was a great experience, we've learnt a lot and are totally excited to tackle more such projects.
Where can I see more work?
We're working on case studies for more past work currently. It takes time and energy to collect all of your work, and write up case studies. Especially when you're working on new projects at the same time. For now, the best bet is to follow me (Ayush) on Twitter or have a look at our work gallery.
I'm interesting in working with you.
Great! Feel free to fill out our project inquiry form or send over an email at hey @ hex.inc. We'll share some more BTS stuff that we couldn't get through on this case study too.
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