Complicheck helps thousands of small businesses and enterprises across South Asia manage their compliance better. Their custom solutions have ranged from HR to Investments, and the old branding was unable to capture Complicheck's wide offering. We were tasked to help rethink their identity from the ground up, rethinking every internal and external touchpoint and coming up with a new brand system that spoke to their customers.
What we did
Brand Identity
Art Direction, Visual Identity, Strategy, Brand Guidelines
Copywriting, Imagery, Responsive Design, Webflow Implementation, CMS
Product Design, Design Systems, Customer Research
Visual System, Deck, Social Media Templates, Core asset development
All Deliverables
  1. Brand Strategy
  2. Visual Identity
  3. Logomark
  4. Illustration System
  5. Website Design
  6. Webflow Project
  7. Component Library
  8. CMS System
  9. Webflow Training
  10. Sitemap Development
  11. Development Retainer
  12. SEO Clean-up
  13. Webflow Handoff Guide
  14. Product Design
"Redoing our branding and product design was a challenging and complex task requiring tons of revisions and AB testing. Trusting Ayush and his team at HEX was the correct decision to achieve that task. Their responsiveness, speed and commitment to delivering a robust output is commendable. We are looking forward to continuing this design and strategy partnership with more such complex tasks."

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